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Lovely March

Posted on 01 April 2015 by Mundis

Hi again,

This month was very good, at least for me.

Weather starts to get better; snow starts to melt and sun showed up declaring that the spring is at the door.

As the weather got better I decided in the first week to visit Kuldīga and the widest waterfall in Europe. I have to say it was amazing to do that. The weather was warm and the sky was sunny with scattered clouds. I reach Kuldīga bus station around 10 am and start to walk in the direction of the waterfall using the help of TripAdvisor. As I was moving towards to the waterfall I was feeling light breeze blowing and covering my body. When I reached waterfall the breeze was mixed with the voice of the falling water carrying with it some of the scattered water drops. This calls for relaxation and enjoying the beauty of nature.

As nothing is perfect in this life, my journey didn’t end that well. As I told you, I was using Tripadvisor app, and according to this app there are three places to visit in Kuldiga: Venta waterfall, Museum of the Kuldiga region and the Riezupe sand cave. Well I’m not that fan of museums but I went to visit that museum anyway, there was one thing that I didn’t understand, why museum in Kuldiga speak about the war in Belgium and not about the history of Kuldiga??? To be honest I was a little bit disappointed.

So I completed my way to visit the Riezupe sand cave, which was according to Tripadvisor 5 Km away from me. With that nice weather I decided to walk. Actually this is what ruined my day, because I walked 5 km to unknown place and there was absolutely nothing. I met a guy around that place and he told me you are in a the wrong place and you have to walk 11 Km in the opposite direction, for sure I didn’t do it. With that my journey to Kuldiga comes to an end.









In the second week I decided to do something that I was hoping to do someday – fishing. Well we have a sea in Jordan but it is quite far from my living place, so I never had the chance to fish before. Valters a very good friend, trustworthy person, intelligent, can be relied upon and he loves books and food. He took me that day to his house to lend me his fishing hooks, and then we went to the forest and saw the trees which you can extract juice from. After that we went fishing, but we didn’t have fish food. So I took a pic with a dead fish we found near the lake.







In the third week of the month I was invited to karaoke party in Rujiena. So it was nice opportunity to visit Rujiena, meet my friends and party. Unfortunately weather changed that week and it started to snow again, but that didn’t ruined anything. I arrived in Rujiena one day before the party, because I was so excited. Not for singing for sure, because I don’t have a good voice but I was ready for partying and that’s it. We played a game to find some places in Rujiena and do some tasks there. It was a good idea to make us visit all places there. Then the karaoke party started and it was as good as I expected. After karaoke party there was waltz party, so ya fun and fun and fun.




Well, last week was the best. In the beginning of the week we took part in youth NGO festival in Riga. The idea of the festival is to promote  NGO’s and their works, so every NGO had to introduce something to the youth who are walking around asking and collecting stamps from these NGO’s by doing some tasks. Me and Teo as volunteers in Saldus – JIC Šķūnis had an easy task – to introduce and explain EVS for the youth who are visiting our place. The task for the youth is to try to guess from which country we are from. Hahah it was really funny, because I was think it will be easy but it seems it was herculean task for them to guess from which country I am. I know that my country is a small one, but we have a lot of famous things. For example you can find Petra in Jordan which is one of the 7’ThWorld Wonders, you can find the weirdest sea ever ((Dead Sea)) it is the sea where there are nothing alive in it because it is very salty and its counted as the lowest point on the earth. I think these two things at least have to be known. So to help them I started to give them some information starting that my country is not situated in Europe , you can find it in Asia. Their guess was “you are Spanish”. No No,   my country is in Asia continent and the name of it start with J, Their guess was “Jamaica”. Haha, I think there is some problems with geographic information. Ya it was very disappointing for me, because just one person was able to guess my country, but it was kind of funny.






Spending the night in the school, that is what me and Teo did the last Friday night. We spent a night with students from 5’Th to 7’Th grade in Jaunlutriņu primary school. Well it was a nice night and the students were very good and full with energy. We introduced our selfs to them, watched a movie, played hide and seek and a lot of sport games ((basketball, football, dodge ball)). We thought if we play with them a lot of sport games, they will feel tired and fall asleep, but what happened was the opposite. Who felt exhausted were us, we stay awake till 5 am and we couldn’t stay awake anymore, so we asked them to go to sleep, but for sure they didn’t. We tried to sleep, but they were playing with basketball around us so we couldn’t. We went back to Saldus as zombies, we were in a need for sleep but we didn’t. In Saturdy morning 28 of March there was exhibition – Made in Saldus, we will never miss that. I was surprised from the amount of things that are made in Saldus. The best thing for me in that exhibition was that lovely lady who made soup and gave it to everybody for free.

Thank you very much for reading.

Uz redzēšanos, Almi

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Time in Latvia

Posted on 23 March 2015 by Mundis

Hi everybody, here is Almothana((Almi))


I’m a volunteer from Jordan, I have been here since 8 of January and I want to tell you a little bit about my experience in Latvia so far.


The first thing that I noticed about Latvia was the grey color, a lot of forests which I like and a lot of snow – I can’t say that I like snow too – it was very cold weather for me. It was funny when I was told “you are not lucky, the winter has to be much more cold”, the only thing what was going on in my mind-” thank god I don’t want to be lucky”.


My life in Latvia started and a great adventure started with it, exploring a new culture, meeting new people and the most important thing – discovering new things about myself.


First place I visited in Saldus was Oscar Kalpaka Museum with youngsters from Šķūnis. It’s a really nice place, it give me the chance to learn about the history of Latvia and hear the story of that brave soldier- who’s lead his people to gain freedom.







After two weeks from arriving it was the time for on arrival training. It was really great and necessary, I learned a lot about my tasks, responsibilities and rights, also it was the place where I had fun and meet a lot of new friends.





January wasn’t full with events, in opposite of February which was full with events and new experiences. We start the month with sport competition which included (ping pong, novuss, air hokey and xbox).





This month contain a very special day “valentine”, so we prepared a special event – we prepared around 85 gifts and distribute it on street to random people. It was great to see the smile on people’s faces when they get the gift from strange person.





Also I started to teach my own language “Arabic Language”. By doing so I discovered that teaching a language is much harder then learning it.


“Around The World” that was the title for last week in February, when 18 people from 9 different countries “Jordan, Romania, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Lithuania, Georgia & Latvia” gathered in JIC ‘’Šķūnis’’ to share their experience with the youth from Saldus, and to present their own country. We had a lot of fun and gain new knowledge about other countries.

you can see the video on this link:





Ciauuu everybudy, see you soon.





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