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Screening: “Live and Let live”

Posted on 08 June 2015 by Mundis

Everything started when I was a little human, so little and skinny, like a match stick, my uncle was all the time joking about this and he was telling me: “Take a brick with you if you go outside, the wind will blow you away”. I never wanted to eat, consume any kind of animals, but you all know… parents, and what they knew?! That you can’t survive without meat. So I grow up loving animals as much as I love nature, humans or any other creatures in this life (more than humans, ha-ha).  For some years of my life I was a vegetarian, and then I found out that it wasn’t enough for animals, to end up this abusive, cruel form of animal exploitation, so I turned vegan. As far as I know people are not informed and they don’t know about veganism or about the ways that animals are being exploited, so I decided to create this event and spread all of this, to put an end to it together 🙂

On 23rd of May- the vegan event happened where we screened <<“Live and Let Live”, a featured documentary examining our relationship with animals, the history of veganism and the ethical, environmental and health reasons that move people to go vegan… – Written by Marc Pierschel.>>

You could serve a warm vegan meal, discussed about different topics, share your opinion about it, discover new things such as veganism/ vegetarianism, healthy style of living, food/recipes, animal rights, etc.  And that’s not all, we also had two guests, Anita and Elina, representing one NGO from Riga, “Dzivnieku Briviba” (Animal Freedom),  presenting the NGO, taking part in the discussions and interview some participants in the end.

Everything went really good, I wasn’t expecting that people will stay for discussions (almost 2 hours). We had a great time together, practicing “learning to learn”, where everyone could learn something from others and give something back. A lot of new information, useful one, nice people, vegan food, happy friendly faces and new ones as well!  

This is how I spent my beautiful afternoon, thanks to all for everything! ♥


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Last year memories… (Part II)

Posted on 29 April 2015 by Mundis

October wasn’t finished with my on-arrival-training, the last week of the month was dedicated to Halloween, so we celebrated for an entire week by making decorations, masks and none the last, the famous Halloween pumpkins.



And finally November arrived. In the 1st of November I went to a huge forum in Pampali, where of course I had a lot of fun, met new people. The day was long but full of interesting activities, walking around town, leading a discussion group about EVS (European Voluntary Service) along with my co-worker Ilze (she did her EVS in Romania for 1 year) and my trainer Valters (who also did his EVS in Romania), so we were a team connected to Romania, haha. After all those activities we ended up dancing and having fun at the ball, and when everything was near the end, we managed to get in the bus to Saldus and fall asleep immediately.


And now we can jump to December. Because was cold outside most of our activities took place inside, but we were brave enough some time to go outside and look for an adventure! We cooked ginger bread, we made X-Mas decorations and we celebrate with an Anti X-Mas event!





Now the holiday time came, so I decided to go in a trip to Poland.

I just took a bus from Riga- Vilnius- Warsaw and then… what is next? For the first time I tried “Couchsurfing” and it was an interesting/ friendly experience. The next day I hitchhiked to Krakow, but I wasn’t so motivated because it was X-Mas Eve, so what are the chances I sad?!

I was alone, I didn’t know if I am in the right place or not and of course, people who were passing by were smiling and looking at me and giving me the impression that they are thinking “that girl is crazy or she lost her mind!”, but luckily, a person stop and took me. In our way to Krakow we share our stories, I discovered that the driver visited Romania, we had some things in common, and the time past really fast. As we arrived in the night time and almost everything was closed, he was really nice so he showed me the surroundings. After some ours walking alone in a circle, waiting for my friend from Germany to arrive, I had that weird feeling, you know? It is X-Mas time and everyone is with their loved ones, and me? I am alone walking in a circle in Krakow!

But my friend appeared after some hours and my adventure started as it should, so I spent an amazing time in Poland! We visited Krakow were we stayed at some EVS volunteers (they hosted us, really cool people!).







Then we went to Auschwitz and Birkenau (terrifying place).   

           We ended up in Wroclaw (to a friend of mine, Agate, a Latvian girl who                      went to EVS in Poland).

            So this is how I finished my lovely year. 🙂  

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My Amazing EVS Story in Latvia…

Posted on 15 April 2015 by Mundis

My story began on 15th September when I arrived in Saldus, I can say that I just felt in love with this tiny, amazing place.



And by the way, my name is Teo (Teodora Tudor) and I am from Romania. Why and what am I doing in Saldus, Latvia? Good question!

I am an EVS (European Voluntary Service) volunteer by the program Erasmus+ and since September I am working in Jic “Skunis”, and why Latvia?! Because it’s an amazing place to visit and to live. I will be here till 15th of July so come by and say hello!


Now the story began… (Summary of my experience till now)

My favorite activity was to go in a bicycle trip with beautiful youngsters from Jaunlutrini. I had a great time and a lot of fun!

We played outdoor games such as basketball, energizers, swinging, juggling, etc., and in the end some of them took a bath in the (mini) lake.


In October I had some activities with the Youth Council and I had also my On-arrival Training where I met other EVS volunteers and made

new friends!


On-arrival Training took place in Kegums, so we had the chance to travel a little bit and to spend 5 days in the forest with a magical landscape waiting for us every morning. We had a lot of useful activities to understand better what is and how it works to be in an EVS, but a lot of fun also and we discovered more things about Latvia and Europe ( we had one intercultural night and one Latvian).




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