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EVS and travelling

Posted on 11 April 2016 by Mundis

So EVS in of itself is an experience that involves teaching, travelling, meeting people, volunteer work, learning how to deal with problems and finding solutions. Months have passed and I am starting to feel sad because it will soon be over but life goes on and we need to learn that the experiences we have are more important than the experiences we think we should have. I am grateful for this experience and let’s start talking about travelling as an EVS experience.


In my stay in Latvia I was able to see quite a bit: Liepaja, Riga, Kuldiga, Sigulda and small cities around Saldus area and Goulbene area.  Outside Latvia I have travelled to Berlin in January and to Vilnius (+Trakai) on Easter break.

What makes travelling fun for me is seeing new places and getting to know what makes a region or a country work the way it does. I like observing people doing things they enjoy and then doing it myself. In Latvia I have done a sauna for the first time during winter, it was an interesting experience being naked in a steamy place, sweating, receiving lashes from branches stuck together  and then going outside in the cold river and laying on a bench feeling snowflakes falling on you. It was a very relaxing experience and being in the forest at night made it almost like a fairy-tale experience.

Riga is the city I visit the most between travels as it connects most of the other cities. I always have a good time in Riga meeting up with people, other volunteers and enjoying the local pubs. Also Riga has many good art museums and cultural events happening across. While being sorounded by the different styles of architecture ranging from sad soviet architecture to brutalist soviet style, art nouveaux, modernist all mashed up together makes it a very nice visual experience for anyone travelling around.DSC_0136DSC_0240p

In Berlin I met with my friends from university and had a good time walking around doing a tour of the city and finding out what makes Berlin a vibrant cultural city. We went to a geography festival (sounds boring but it combined visual arts and culture from across the world, really fascinating stuff), also fulfilled my falafel obsession in the Turkish neighborhood in Berlin and went to a place where a food festival was going on. Besides the food and walking we went to a nice jazz night and some craft breweries.


In Vilnius I had the opportunity to meet a lot of people, my host and her flatmates, Ina and her friends, Ina’s host and her friends, other volunteers from Latvia. The city was nice and had a interesting mellow vibe especially because the weather was finally warm after a cold winter. There were a lot of foodie places (I know… I have a weakness for food) so that made me very happy.


Travelling allows me to feel like an explorer and discover something new to every place I visit, it doesn’t have to be something famous like the pyramids but what I want is to get to know the place. My travels abroad have not allowed me to do that but this is why I am in Latvia to get to know the place.

EVS is a travelling experience, you know you are going to leave at one point but you live long enough to know the place, it’s people and what makes it beautiful in the eyes of the locals and in your own eyes as the person visiting. I see the beauty that I am used to observing and then learn the beauty that Latvians see, a sort of me giving a hug to appreciate the place and the place giving a hug back.

Picture from Saldus:




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Greek tranditional day of grilling

Posted on 31 March 2016 by Mundis

DSC_0008 DSC_0026

DSC_0018  Stefan and me decided to celebrate the “Grilling Thursday” as we call it in Greece , so this day is the las day before Easter time that people can eat meat and it is not allowed for 50 days to eat at all meat .Many youngsters took place in the preparation of food ,Stefan and some other guys were responsible for the grill. Music , smilies a lot of food and music made us to come closer to each other .

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The meaning of a warm hug

Posted on 21 January 2016 by Mundis

Ina Kallashi:



The meaning of a warm hug to everybody’s life

The natural touch and the hugs are the most beautiful things that can happen in somebody’s life, at any given age and can influence the mood, the mental health and the physical health.

But what happens when somebody does not receive enough hugs in his/her life?

Scientific researches on the importance of cuddling have shown that the animals which had not been enough hugged or touched by the animals from the same species are showing signs of aggressive behavior.

It is exactly the same with children who have deprived from their mothers cuddling are under risk to have many more behavior problems than other children who haven’t faced these kind of issues. Children who have grown up in orphanages in good conditions (food, clear environment and all their basic needs been covered) can have mental retardation due to the lack of hugs and emotional bonding form people who are taking care of them.

The reasons that we need warm hugs in our life 

First of all cuddling shows emotional bonding, caring and warmth. But tell me who does not need this positive note in his/her daily life? The scientific researches have shown to us that hugs are really good for our mental and physical health.

Hugging makes us feel beautiful

The positive feeling associated with hugging comes from deep inside us , due to hugging humans secrete oxytocin which is a natural hormone associated with emotional bonding, confidence and security in a relationship.

Babies who receive more hugs in their lives grow up less stressed as adults

“Stop cuddling a baby who is crying, you will pamper it” it is the phrase that new parents are heart by others. WRONG! Babies need their parents’ hug to calm, to feel safety and to grow up as mentally healthy adults. Recent research from Emory University in USA has shown that a warm hug can reduce cortisol, a stress hormone produced in the body when the person is depressed and stressed. Hugging causes relaxation to the body and sends a message of calm to the brain, and in the same time brain sends a message to the rest of the body and the person becomes calmer and the stress is less.

Hugging reduces the feeling of loneliness

Hugging or touching other people is really important for youngsters and old people. Research from Ohio State University has shown that as a human grows the more he/she needs physical touch or hug because in this way the feeling of loneliness is reduced, increases the feeling of emotional warmth and psychological benefits contribute to the well-being and the better health of the elderly person.


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My EVS experience

Posted on 20 January 2016 by Mundis


          It’s been a long time since I came to Latvia for first time, it is more than 4 months, it is so different for me the every perspective .People, country and the culture it is something between magic and fairytale. In Latvia I understood that one year has 4 seasons. I arrived at the beginning of September and I managed to see some of the summer things, colorful flowers, green trees and the sun. After autumn came, oh god !these amazing colors that even the best painter in the world cannot create a paint with this outstanding gold and yellow and something like red and orange , this is the image that it comes on my mind every time that I close my eyes.




















            That was my first two months experience in Latvia, especially in Saldus the place that I am living untill the end of my project. New friends are coming to my life and that is pretty awesome, the thing that I have realized Latvian people is, that in the beginning they are cold and closed but when they know you better and trust you, they can become really good friends! Travelling around with friends it is the beautiful part of EVS  , just some clothes, little money and a good company are the only that you need!!!




 12319809_10207615480446869_644056815_n (1)








            Leon (German), Johanna (Austrian) and me decided to go to Estonia for some days to explore Tallinn.  We had an amazing time and we had been hosted by an Puerto Rican guy really friendly and generous.























           Winter time!!!!! I made my first snowman ever in my life and I was so happy about that, Stefan gave me instructions  how to make it and yeah, I did it and I am proud of myself . And then Christmas came and my lovely friends from Greece the visited me in Riga for one week, it was a week full of adventure and feeling like being back at home.


               During New Year, I had a trip in Paris in a city of love and light. I went to visit my friends and to have a good time all together. I can say that I enjoyed it a lot this trip, because I had so many things to discover to see and to touch. I really don’t know what to say about this place even if I could use all the words from all the languages I couldn’t do it , everybody has to go at least once in their lives and to visit Paris , don’t be afraid, just go! it is going to be one of the best experience of your life.


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On – arrival training course

Posted on 30 October 2015 by Mundis

Ina Kallashi :

Form the 2nd till 6th of October Stefan and me had the opportunity to visit the Latvia’s capital Riga for our on arrival training course. We were around 11 EVS volunteers and 11 mentors. Of course we had also the trainers Valters and Stas (two amazing people with amazing personalities).So people from different countries for 4 days together sharing their experiences and taking part in different activities   that was the most enjoyable thing. We stayed near by Riga in a big hosting house and in the same place our training took part. In seminars we participated in many activities. For example talking about our expectations and fears about the project and could ask our questions regarding anything we needed help with. Furthermore, we played many games and role-play, which was the funniest part of the work. Besides everybody was presenting her/his EVS project to the group so for me that was quite interesting through that you could see what different projects are offered in the EVS program .  12197332_10208564783215798_2078664947_o



The third day we supposed to split in three groups and to prepare one project which could involve local people into it. So the project of me team were some questionnaires  what is EVS about and we went to Riga’s center and  we started to ask people if they know what is EVS and to be honest in one way was really sad because from 100 people that we asked only 2 of them knew about it but in the other way was funny because one question was : what does the first letters of evs mean they gave us an answer that means Europe Visit Sweden or what you gain doing our evs, they answered you can earn a lot of money or you can win a trip in Maurice. We spent 2 hours around the city and we interacted with many people and we shared our experiences doing our evs and suggested them to take part in this amazing opportunity.









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Activities with youngsters in Youth Center

Posted on 30 October 2015 by Mundis

After a month of living in Saldus Ina and me have met really nice, friendly kind hearted people different from our own cultures but bringing something new to our lives. So for these kind gestures we are here to give back. Ina and me both have a lot of life experience and activities that we want to share. Stefan enjoys photography, geography and English while Ina is talented in organizing games and interactive activities for English language development.

Our first activity together we have met a group of youngsters and improvised an activity on the spot. Ina started off with 2 introductory games: Pistolero and Horse riders, some fung game that were meant to get people active and play games (games focused on reflexes and how well one pays attention to what is happening around). While I focused on a game where you had to describe words, it was interesting because the focus was one speaking quickly rather that correctly and this gave people the opportunity to not be shy and just express themselves so even people that couldn’t speak that well were skillful in using what they knew.










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Stefan Tudor

Posted on 30 October 2015 by Mundis

My name is Stefan Tudor and for 10 months I will be living in Saldus doing volunteer work for JIC Skunis. I lived most of my life in a small town in Romania called Gura Humorului a place where I have a lot of friends and could do interesting stuff. A town with a sky slope, lots of forest and a touristic hotspot to visiting monasteries in my region. I have went to university in Scotland at University of Edinburgh and there I discovered Scottish culture and my need to travel and meet people. I had the opportunity to see the Highlands, historic cities and in the process hear other people’s life stories. In my travels I always take my camera with me and try to capture what I find interesting. So the reason why I chose to do an EVS (European Voluntary Service) is to travel, meet people, take photos and share what I know with others.12194068_10208564778095670_73013442_o

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My EVS in Saldus

Posted on 30 October 2015 by Mundis

So …. My name is Ina and I am 25 years old. I lived in Greece for most of my life. I studied economics at the University of Peloponnese an important university in Greece where I have met wonderful people and had a really good time. I enjoy travelling around the world and meeting new people from different cultures. One of the best experiences I have had was in Portugal a place that I simply fell in love with from the first  time that I went there, oh my god all these beautiful smiley people, full of energy made me feel like at home and like we were longtime friends. This type of experience I want to bring to Saldus and share the same treatment with people. I love dancing and expressing myself through dance even though I am not the best (Stefan can confirm this). I love to listen to people and to explore different perspectives. I usually learn through having different experiences, the project in Latvia it is the next step in my “education” and hope that people want to contribute to it.12193104_10207432717797917_473356931_o

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EVS volunteer in Saldus

Posted on 28 October 2015 by Mundis

  • Name   :Ina Kallashi
  • Age       :25
  • Counrty: Greece
  • Contact
    ina 1

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